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Delivering Israeli military-grade operations & experience to protect global networks from today’s increasing sophisticated threat actors.

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Military grade cyber security services to secure your digital assets against cyber-attacks.
Cysource is a cyber research and attack center comprised from high-end cyber security professionals.
We apply cutting edge private technologies with cyber warfare experience and a business oriented cyber approach. Cysource is a trusted advisor to leading enterprises and governments worldwide.

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Penetration tests are a surgical operation, in which we use our highly skilled security researchers, combining with our own technology, to find most of the vulnerabilities in our customers’ websites, mobile applications and infrastructure.

CySource teaching methodology is based on blended learning, challenging the students with various lab exercises & case studies with our unique training technology. Our interactive instructors led communities is providing answers to their any question 24/7 to embed the knowledge into the trainees work routines. We believe in a partnership ecosystem and knowledge sharing, our diploma qualification process includes partnerships with recognized third-party diplomas such as LPI, Python institute, CompTIA and more. CySource is building cyber academies worldwide

Israel academy
Brazil academy

Incident response services are comprised of actions related to before, during and after a cyber incident may occur. We offer organization to first build their IR profile case that will equip them with the capabilities to prevent and provide a structured well-organized response in a case of an incident. Many times, our team are called to perform an initial forensics operations to determine whether an organization is in fact under attack or an operational error. In cases our IR team is launched to deal with a live incident we operate based on our vast experience mitigating some of the world mist advanced attacks in order to restore business operation asap.

Red Team is a multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure the resilience of the a company’s e employees, blue team, systems networks, applications and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life hackers or malicious groups. Red team is the ethical hacking way to test the organization security level by simulate real live attack. It is a prolonged process starting with actions such as data collection, OSINT, Digital & Physical monitoring, social engineering and data management followed by penetrating the organization assets undiscovered while discovering & mapping as much as possible from the attack surface and possible points of identification to educate the blue team.